Dental care

Maintaining the health of your pet’s teeth and gums is extremely important in improving overall health, and extending length of life. If left untreated dental disease can lead to infections, damage to other organs (particularly heart and kidneys), chronic pain, and bad breath. In fact periodontal disease is the most common preventable clinical condition occurring in cats and dogs. Most pets will not show outward signs of pain, despite advanced tooth decay.

Having cutting edge dental equipment allows us to offer dental services similar to what your own dentist would provide. However, your pet’s dental care is considerably more involved, time consuming and complex. It requires general anesthesia which will include a day hospitalization and the skills of several people, from veterinarians to veterinary technicians and assistants. Utilizing dental radiographs to determine the health of your pet’s teeth below the gum line, ensures that diseased teeth can be properly evaluated and extracted only when necessary. The goal of home dental care is to remove plaque before it develops into tartar, a process that occurs within days of a teeth cleaning. Brushing your pet’s teeth is the single most important procedure you can do to maintain good oral health. If performed regularly, brushing dramatically decreases the incidence of gingivitis and increases the length of time between teeth cleaning appointments. Starting to brush at a young age will help your pet to cooperate, if brushing your pet’s teeth is not an option, ask us to help you choose the most effective dental products for your pet.